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Custom meal plans that the whole family will enjoy, tailored to fit your family's food preferences

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How Plan To Table Works

Custom Weekly Meal Plans

We customize your meal plans based on nutrition, diet, allergy sensitivity and only give you meals with ingredients you and your family will eat

Save Money Not Eating Out

We've all been there.  It is dinner time and you have no plan.  We ultimately decide to go out and grab a bit to eat.  Having a meal plan will save you tons of money!

Eat Healthier

Do you have any nutritional requirements?  Are you on a diet?  Want to just have a healthier lifestyle?  Let us take the hard work out of planning so you can focus on succeeding.

Save Your Favorite Recipes

Like a meal that we suggest in your plan?  Great just click the heart and we will save it for you.  We will also make sure it is added to your plan in the future (but not too often).

Skip The Grocery Store

Coming Soon!  Integration with grocery delivery services so you don't even have to go to the grocery store.  Let us plan it and have someone deliver it to your doorstep! 

Eat Together

We believe in family meal time.  It is important to our family and we hope it is important to yours.  By having a meal plan you can take the stress out of dinners and focus on what matters most...time with each other.

Let Us Plan Your First Week of Meals Absolutely Free
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Available to all after our beta process is over!